The BIMM Academy got off to a flying start this year, with a new set of budding musicians working alongside BIMM tutors to put on an exciting end of term gig.

The students have been hard at work at the state-of-the-art Brighton Electric Studios, which was recently named Studio of the Year at the Pro Sound Awards – a prestigious accolade that will no doubt inspire our students to create more truly outstanding work.

Brighton Electric Studios has proved a fantastic home for our BIMM Academy students, many of whom haven’t had the experience of rehearsing and recording in a full working studio. The raw and genuine musical influence and motivation have certainly rubbed off on the group, with musicians and bands coming and going on a daily basis. Our students really have been right in the thick of it all!

Alix Penfold, a former BIMM student and professional vocalist, is among the tutors at our BIMM Academy. The singer has 16 years live gigging to her name and has worked with a host of famed musicians, including Jessie J, Dane Bowers, Mark Knopfler, Jocelyn Brown and Gwen Dickie. Speaking about the success of this year’s Academy, Alix said:

“Since day one at BIMM Academy I have seen amazing things in each child. From the very first session, meeting parents and finding out more about each student, made me excited from then on in. Every week, watching them learn and grow as performers make this a fantastic job. I cannot wait for them to showcase their talent and work together as a team to create their first gig!”

Individual progression takes centre stage at the BIMM Academy. Grades and expectations are pushed to the side to make for a laid-back and pressure-free learning environment for students, as Alix explains:

“They get to be themselves, learn music and hang out with friends being creative together in a very natural way which can be magic.”

The aim of the BIMM Academy is to get young people of mixed abilities playing and performing in front of an audience with confidence, thus preparing them for life as a solo artist or a musician with a band. BIMM Guitar tutor Joe Welsh gave his thoughts on the BIMM Academy experience:

“I feel proud to be part of BIMM Academy. Not only does it give the students a place to develop musically, but it also forms friendships that could last their lives.  I’ve met some of my best friends in life through music. Parents will be keen to see what their children have been learning and raving about. They will get a chance to see their kids rocking out in front of a live audience and for many, witness their child’s first ever gig!”

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what the parents of BIMM’s newest rising stars had to say about the Academy:

“I signed Max up at BIMM Academy for a ten-week guitar course every Saturday for two hours. It’s at the Brighton Electric Studio – he loves it, and his guitar skills are really developing,” said Max’s dad, Ian Burns.

Echoing his comments was Amanda Naylor whose daughter also attends the BIMM Academy:

“Olivia loves attending BIMM Academy. She has learnt to play the electric guitar and sing in a band! The teachers are fantastic. BIMM Academy encourages you musically while having fun and making friends.”

Miranda Peters, whose son, Felix has also been making plenty of progress on the drums ahead of our much-anticipated end of term concert. Miranda is also a fan of the college:

“Felix joined the BIMM Academy and from the very first session loved the whole experience. The tutors, the other Academy members, the venue and the genuine feeling of almost being in a band.”

Want to be a part of the action? We’re currently enrolling for our Spring Term, which runs from Saturday 7th January to  Saturday 1st April. We’ll also be advertising some special offers and promotions very soon so keep an eye on the BIMM website for more information.


POSTED ON: December 2, 2016
  • Brighton, Academy