The Berlin Music Video Awards is one of the most anticipated events on the city’s music calendar, attracting talent and leading music industry representatives from all over the world to celebrate both famed artists and future stars.

This year, saw BIMM Berlin team up with the BMVA’s organisers to sponsor the star-studded ceremony, which took place at the city’s ultra-cool Nuke Club. As part of our partnership, eight lucky BIMM students were invited to work backstage at the event in numerous varied and exciting roles – a once in a lifetime opportunity that was too good to pass up.

The evening was a massive success and saw a host of big names in attendance, as well as the festival’s high-profile judging panel. There were nominations for Coldplay, Jamie XX, Massive Attack, Noisia and more, but it was Dimitry Mouraviev who took home the €3,000 grand prize for his unique and strangely bizarre video for ‘Kolshik’ by Russia’s Leningrad.

The 2017 Berlin Music Video Awards owes much of its success to the event’s sensational backstage crew, including BIMM Berlin’s hard working students who kept their cool and stayed professional at all times, despite being under a lot of pressure. We must give a special thanks to Rebecca (producer assistant), Alexandrine (model and host), Chloe (networking manager), Brenda (booking manager), Baptist (logistics), Pablo (logistics), Amanda (promotion manager), and Gabriela (stage manager assistant), who together helped to make 2017’s event the best yet.

Aviel Silook – who organised the Berlin Music Video Awards – also heralded BIMM Berlin’s involvement with the event and praised our students for their dedication, hard work and for taking up such senior roles with gusto and expertise:

“I would say that the collaboration with BIMM Berlin works very well. The festival is growing very fast, but luckily I am still able to give personal care to each student (and I am very happy to do so). The mission of the festival is to treat big and small artists equally, and I practice the same vision in the festival team as well.

“Everybody has a chance to shine and conquer higher positions – that’s how Alexandrine, for example, ‘snatched” the role of stage manager and hosted one of the four festival days. I was stunned by the level of standards that they [BIMM] set. For the first time, I have met a partner who is ambitious enough to catch up with our rapid growth.”

Aviel also commented on the success of BIMM Berlin as a music college and its place within the city’s scene, which is only getting bigger and bigger:

“I must also say that opening a BIMM college in Berlin was a very wise move because the industry here needed it. There are many opportunities and potential for the music industry in this city.”

Huge thanks to everyone who took part in this year’s Berlin Music Video Awards, it really was an evening to remember. Congratulations also to all of our BIMM Berlin students, who went above and beyond to impress, their efforts certainly haven’t gone unnoticed.

POSTED ON: June 20, 2017
  • Berlin