BIMM Music Institute Dublin’s Foundation Diploma in Professional Musicianship

1 April, 2021

Here at BIMM Music Institute, we’re immensely proud to offer relevant and innovative courses that get you to where you want to be in the music industry. And our Foundation Diploma in Professional Musicianship is no different.

What to expect from our Foundation Diploma in Professional Musicianship

This one-day-a-week course is a fantastic part-time introduction to modern music and the industry that surrounds it. You can hone your craft on Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Vocals, or focus on Songwriting. You’ll also be able to:

  • Experience the thrill of performing live
  • Learn new techniques and playing styles to help you develop and find your niche as a performer 
  • Work with the latest digital recording software (DAW)
  • Study music theory and the fundamental skills required to read and perform music notation

You will also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded fellow musicians, work on exciting projects, and plug into unique networking opportunities. These include Masterclasses with global music industry professionals and the chance to audition for the BIMM Album and the BIMM end-of-term gigs.

Our highly-skilled, expert BIMM tutors are here to give you their guidance and offer invaluable insight into the music business, thanks to their unrivaled experience and current work in the industry. 

Our course modules

As part of our course, you’ll undertake a variety of modules to strengthen your skills, expand your knowledge and match your passion for music. 

Creative Music Theory 

This module is all about making theory creative and fun. You’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of music theory with creative application of theoretical concepts using an industry-standard DAW and piano/keyboard. 

For the contemporary musician/songwriter, digital audio workstation software has become an essential and valuable creative tool. This module blends the technical concepts with practical tasks to demystify and inspire. You will also explore and develop your aural recognition and transcription skills to better prepare for the range of musical situations you are likely to encounter as a professional musician.

All students will have access to a DAW and piano keyboard in class, emphasising the practical demonstration and creative application of all the theoretical concepts studied.

Music Styles and Live Performance
(Instrument Stream)

In this module, you will learn about music styles that feature in today’s music industry, along with the pivotal artists from each genre, what the essential components are, and how you can apply these creatively to music and live performances.

You will get to perform these styles ‘Live in BIMM’, with bands made up from members of all four instrumental streams. In these ‘Live’ sessions, tutors will share their knowledge and experience with tips and secrets on stagecraft and maximising your potential as a dynamic and creative live performer. 

Sound exciting? That’s exactly what it is. Plus, having the ability to perform authentically will increase your versatility and employability in the music industry.

Core Techniques (Instrument Stream)

In this module, you will study the core techniques necessary to deliver a professional standard performance on your chosen instrument. Your specialist tutor will identify areas for improvement and help you to establish a practice routine that will ensure continued development during your time at BIMM and into the future.

Not only will you develop your instrumental skills, but you will also collaborate with other musicians, creating a performance that showcases the techniques you have gained. At BIMM, we understand the importance of fostering artistic relationships that can lead to exciting opportunities.

Songcraft & Live Arrangement
(Songwriting Stream Only) 

In this module, you will explore and develop professional songwriting techniques and stylistic approaches. You will take a look at instrumentation and song arrangement ideas in collaborative live performance workshops.

An exciting and highly interactive musical adventure, the module will adapt and cater to individuals’ requirements while providing opportunities to network and perform with instrumentalists from the Diploma’s other ‘streams’.

To find out more or apply for one of our courses, please contact a member of our BIMM Dublin Admissions Team directly on +353 1 5133 666, email [email protected], or apply online today.