Some may know him as the frontman to self-dubbed drowsy rock ‘n’ rollers, Hush Mozey. But Joee Johnson has also been carving a niche for himself by performing his own stripped back material on the side. We caught up with the young BIMM Bristol graduate to talk about his more recent solo efforts.   

Hi Joee! You recently appeared on Made In Bristol. Have you played many televised appearances in the past?
Yes, I’ve played a few Sessions and given interviews in the past, but it’s a first for me being interviewed in a One Show / Blue Peter kind of environment. Not too long ago I did an interview and played a live song for the BBC. I played a song called ‘Royal Looking Lizards’. I was really happy and excited with this Interview/session because the song I played was very controversial.  The song including lyrics and references to Rolf Harris, Savile, Cliff Richard. The BBC would not air my session due to the offensive nature of the lyrics. This was my first taste of success. If the BBC didn’t like it, I knew my songwriting was doing something right.


How do you find performing solo compares with performing with a Hush Mozey?
It’s much different performing a Hush Mozey set, compared to my solo acoustic set. To start off, Hush Mozey play a type of high energy rock and roll music. We use heavy melodic guitar riffs, strong vocal melody and the do it yourself attitude to create our signature sound. My solo music is more catered for the coffee shop crowd, with my main focus being on lyrics and my acoustic guitar sound. The solo performance is much more intimate, people can actually listen to the lyrics without the distraction of a powerhouse drummer getting in the way.
The feedback I’ve had is that my acoustic set tends to be a bit more of personal/humorous experience. I like to keep it funny at times so I sometimes play a few Charles Manson Covers if the crowd are getting a tad hostile.
My main influences for my solo music would be Lead Belly, Rolling Stones, Howlin’ Wolf. I have different influences in mind for when I write my solo stuff compare to the Hush Mozey music.

What have you been up to since graduating? 
I’m always playing gigs weekly and writing music daily. I finished an album with the band Hush Mozey, which is being released in March 2018 – we had the album mastered by a guy called ‘Pete Maher’ who has worked with the likes of The Rolling Stones, Pixies, Nine Inch Nails, bands like that. So, I am very excited for this one!

What else do you have in the pipeline for 2018?  
Coming up I have many shows booked in to play with Hush Mozey, you can find all dates and info on the our Facebook page. Plus, we have the album release in March 2018.

Also, I have started to record a solo album, with solo merchandise available at the start of 2018.

If you keep up to date with with my page you will see all future show dates!



POSTED ON: November 28, 2017
  • Bristol, Songwriting