Matt Knight completed a Higher Diploma in Guitar back in 2007 when BIMM Brighton was the only campus in existence! The course is now known as the Artist Development Diploma in Music Performance. Since then, he’s moved into the industrious world of product development and sales at one of the most well known guitar product brands in the world – BOSS. 

BOSS are a subdivision of Roland Corporation, Japan and are responsible for some of the most popular guitar products and effects pedals on the international market. Matt’s official role at the company is Assistant European Product Manager – and his securing of this job serves to highlight just how important it is to network.

After graduating, Matt continued living in Brighton and found work at GAK, one of the UK’s most well-known music instrument retailers, which was perfect for him as music gear had always been his greater passion compared to performance. He soon worked his way up to the position of store manager and it was from here that he made some incredibly useful contacts, including key members of Roland Corporation.

Four years later, when Roland Europe was first founded, Matt’s previous connections to the company (not to mention his insatiable passion for guitar effects) led to him being offered the position. Here, he offers some sound advice for someone looking to follow in his footsteps.

“While I was never the greatest player, I listened hard to the lessons that weren’t just about the fretboard, taking notes in Business classes about how people have succeeded without becoming global superstars. Solid Networking and relationship building has been one of the most vital things I’ve done over the past decade, it has secured every job I’ve had within the Industry. If you have a solid reputation it takes you a long way.”

Thanks to his incredible knowledge of guitar gear and a great attitude towards networking, Matt’s current role takes him all over the world, including a recent trip to BOSS HQ in Japan, where he worked alongside the global marketing team in product development. There, his opinions directly influenced product’s which will later be utilised by musicians all over the world!

We wish Matt every success with his career and look forward to seeing how it progresses.  


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POSTED ON: January 18, 2018
  • Brighton, Guitar