Maria Broberg, 'Heaven Can Wait'

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Maria Broberg is a singer-songwriter from Sweden studying at BIMM London.

In November, she released the self-penned ‘Heaven Can Wait’, with DJ and producer, Frans Janousek. The track exploded to the Number 1 spot in the Swedish Dance Chart and went Top 10 in the Swedish iTunes Chart.

The high-octane trance-inspired club track became an anthem for both the Swedish Football Gala and RIXfm Festival – one of the biggest roving music tours in Sweden – playing to thousands of football fans and gig goers.

After the massive success of the single, we spoke to Maria about her musical journey, which began at a young age:

“I’ve been gigging around Sweden since I was about twelve, playing both small and large gigs. I was in a lot of talent competitions too, which gave me loads of cool opportunities.”

Earning a reputation as “always the one working the hardest” was no bad thing for Maria as she moved into a more professional realm:

“I started an artist school at the age of 15 called ‘Maria & Majas Artistschool’ where we coach kids and young people from all over Sweden, including collaborations with the Swedish Stage Academy. It helps prepare upcoming artists for what’s ahead!”

Sounds familiar! Meanwhile Maria’s own talent began to blossom on a more international stage:

“I represented Sweden at the World Championship in Performing Arts in Hollywood where I took second place for Original Music, second in the Pop Music category and third in Rock Music.”

As for her recording career, Maria says:

““I’ve done a lot of session work and I’ve worked with some really good producers since I was very young, but I’m finally finding my own sound.”

The success of ‘Heaven Can Wait’ is a fantastic step forward for Maria and we’re excited to hear the tracks from her new EP later this year. In the meantime, turn it up

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POSTED ON: February 1, 2016
  • London, Vocals