This Year’s Entrepreneur Award Goes to “EX OH Promotions”

30 November, 2017

BIMM Dublin alumnus Alex Lai is the latest BIMM graduate to receive the college’s esteemed Entrepreneur Award. It was presented to him in recognition of the hard work he has put into the creation and subsequent success of his events company, EX OH Promotions.

Alex accepted the award at BIMM Dublin’s graduation ceremony, which took place at the Tivoli Theatre and featured a guest appearance and rousing speech from multi-award winning singer/songwriter Hozier. The award offers lucky winners a cash sum of €1500 to go toward further business development costs, promotion and expansion. So, what lead Alex to this point?

Having completed his BA Hons in Commercial Modern Music Degree – Guitar back in 2016, Alex (AKA Alecksyy) soon started his own event company, EX OH Promotions. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength and he now runs regular live music events at Fibbers, one of the city’s best small venues.

Alex has been gigging around the Dublin scene since he was about 16. But he never originally intended to set up his own promotions company. In fact, it was more of a happy accident that EX OH came into existence at all! He explains:

“I never set out to start my own company outright, rather it was more of a ‘one thing leading into another’ sort of situation. My old pop band (Jet Set Radio) were calling it a day, and we were looking around venues to host a farewell show. The Booker for Fibbers had contacted me to run the show there. The gig was an absolute success, and he asked me to put on a few more shows, all of which impressed him and the bar. After a few months of running shows, I knew that I discovered something that I was good at and decided to take it more seriously and three years later, I’m still in Fibbers running shows!”

As a BIMM Alumnus, Alex is proud to give current BIMM students the opportunity to perform on his stages. In fact, he feels BIMM is part of the reason that Dublin’s music scene is particularly exciting right now.

“The Irish scene is probably the strongest it’s ever been. There are plenty of BIMM bands (too many to even name!) gaining a lot of success in all aspects of the scene like packing out venues, getting play listed on radio and also receiving a lot of attention from the media.”

Through his successful business exploits, Alecksyy has fulfilled a key role within his local music scene – something which epitomises BIMM’s focus on success behind the scenes as well on-stage. We’re very much looking forward to watching his career blossom.

If you’re interested in studying a course like Alecksyy’s, you can find all courses available at BIMM Dublin here.