Student support

No matter how you feel and whatever you’re going through, you can lean on us.

We understand that sometimes you might want a helping hand. That’s why our friendly and fantastic support network is here should you ever need it.

Whether it’s a problem with your study skills, your course, mental health or student life, our teams are always here to offer confidential support and guidance.

Each of our eight colleges has a Student Support team. The size of the teams varies depending on the size of the college, but offer every student a named contact within each team; someone who’s there to support you and who understands the individual demands required by your specific course.

You’re never alone when you’re at BIMM. Our community makes sure of that.

Supporting your journey

We work hard to make sure you have access to the support you need to succeed throughout your studies.

That’s why we have schemes in place to help you before you start and while you’re here. Our full-time team are fully trained professionals and always ready to listen, help and put in place action plans when needed.

We’re committed to a policy of equal opportunities. This means we aim to make all our services available to every student, regardless of background, culture, gender or sexuality. Discover some of the ways we help our students below.

"All the staff at BIMM – from the course tutors to the Student Support staff and the sound technicians – are friendly and will go out of their way for you because everyone shares a joint passion for music and they really want you to succeed!"
Last Seen Alive

Our popular Student Mentor Scheme is here to ensure you have a smooth transition as possible into BIMM life.

A recent BIMM Institute graduate who has just finished the course you’ll be starting will be on-hand to give advice, guidance and support. They know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes.

So, who better to provide all the insider information required to walk through our doors and feel right at home?

We can support you if you have specific learning difficulties, dyslexia, medical conditions or other disabilities.

Our Student Support Team can put together an Individual Support Plan, created specifically for you. Working with you on a one-to-one basis during your studies, our tutors will help you develop skills to assist with academic writing, music reading, revision, approaching exams and coursework.

Music Marketing, Media and Communication students at BIMM

We’re also here to help with any queries or troubles you might have about housing and funding. Our Student Services Teams have access to training and resources which gives us the ability to offer advice and guidance on life outside the college.

For example, if you have questions about your tenancy agreement, or want to make sure you’re receiving the maximum funding available to you, make an appointment to come and see us. If you hit a crisis, ask us about the BIMM Hardship Fund, which is available to students who require short-term financial help in an emergency.

Creating a sense of community is important to us. Your Student Support Team can help you to realise any ideas you have for clubs, societies and social events.

We’ll also ensure that you’re kept regularly updated with everything that’s going on around the college.

Find out more about our Student Association

"The Student Support Team are always here to help you reach your full potential."
Alex Hilonen, on the move from Stockholm to BIMM Institute London

We’re here to help if you’re making the leap and joining us from another country.

Before you arrive, our International Team can answer questions you may have to help you feel more at ease. Also, a member of our Student Ambassador team will meet you at the airport and help you settle in.

Information for international students

Your well-being and welfare are at the heart of everything we believe in.

If you ever experience any difficulties, it’s always better to talk to someone. Our Student Support Team are trained listeners and always here. They offer a safe space to discuss any of your concerns, whether you want to talk to them about your mental health, being away from home for the first time, you’re having financial worries, personal issues, or you just want someone to offload to.

We can offer counselling and stress management. This is done on a one-to-one basis and is strictly confidential.

Any Questions?

For any questions relating to student support or if you’d like more information on how to apply to BIMM Institute please contact our Admissions Team on +353 1 5133 666 or email [email protected].