Harry ‘Haz’ Wheaton

Bassist - Hawkwind

Harry ‘Haz’ Wheaton studied a Live Sound and Tour Management Diploma at BIMM Brighton before re-locating to BIMM Bristol to undertake a Music Industry Management degree. Soon after graduating, he turned to performance after being recruited as full-time bassist for legendary rockers Hawkwind.

Haz had been a lifelong fan of Hawkwind before he landed his key role within the group. He used to attend lots of their shows and eventually got involved with them professionally as a roadie, during which time he also began his studies and performed in various new bands.

After graduating, Hawkwind’s founding member Dave Brock contacted Haz personally to ask if he’d fill in on bass for a handful of tour dates. Haz jumped at the chance and ended up becoming a permanent member of the band.

After departing from Hawkwind in 2018, Haz joined yet another legendary band. This time it was Doom Metalers, Electric Wizard.

“I’m very grateful to have a broad understanding of how the industry works as a whole thanks to BIMM, especially as my only experience and knowledge beyond BIMM is in the live sector. I’d say the most valuable thing I learned at there was, as one of my tutors used to say, ‘the harder you work, the luckier you get’.” 

When he’s not touring and/or recording with the band, Haz supplements his career by continuing his touring lifestyle working as a freelance tech.