BIMM launches BIMM Pro: Redefining online music education with esteemed producer Warren Huart

25 April, 2024

BIMM is thrilled to unveil the launch of our comprehensive ProCert programme, in collaboration with multi-platinum music producer, Warren Huart.

This pioneering initiative signals the inception of a series of industry-powered online courses under the BIMM Pro banner. Launching with the Online Short Course in Vocal Production, participants will have the option to study future courses in Drum and Percussion Production, Instrument Production, Synthesis, Programming and Sampling, and more.



Participants will have the flexibility to enrol in individual courses or combine them to earn the prestigious ProCert from BIMM University. Whether pursuing a specific area of interest or seeking a comprehensive understanding of music production, participants can tailor their learning experience to suit their goals.

The ProCert curriculum emphasises interactive learning, live webinars, and hands-on projects, providing participants with practical experience and the confidence to navigate the complexities of the music industry. With a focus on skill development and practical application, graduates of the ProCert program will emerge as adept professionals ready to make their mark in the world of music production.

For those passionate about music and eager to take their skills to the next level, the ProCert in Music Production offers a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain invaluable insights into the art and science of music production.

Warren Huart


Warren Huart is a multi-platinum producer renowned for his work with The Fray, Korn, James Blunt and Aerosmith. His YouTube channel, Produce Like a Pro, has nearly one million subscribers, and his recent publication Home Studio Recording: The Complete Guide, is already being cited as the definitive work on the subject. With a stellar track record in the industry, Warren is poised to share the techniques that have shaped chart-topping hits.

During the course, Warren will be participating in real-time webinars, answering your questions, providing solutions and offering insights that go far beyond theoretical knowledge.

“The ProCert is a game-changer in online music education, offering participants a unique opportunity to dive deep into various facets of production whilst also achieving a prestigious professional certificate from BIMM University”

– Warren Huart


Online Short Course in Vocal Production

The introductory Online Short Course in Vocal Production, meticulously curated with Warren Huart’s expertise, provides a focused exploration into the intricacies of vocal recording and manipulation. Participants will gain invaluable insights and hands-on experience, setting the foundation for further exploration within the ProCert programme.

This 8-week course is delivered in three 2-week blocks consisting of recorded content, interactive learning, instructor-guided discussion forums, and supplementary resources, with each block culminating in a 2-hour webinar with Warren Huart himself. The final 2-week block will focus on your own production project, and you will get personalised feedback from BIMM University tutors, all of whom are current music producers.

You will:

  • Watch Warren work with various types of vocalists to create a great performance, then edit and mix this into your own original recordings.
  • Download those recordings and have a go yourself, applying the techniques demonstrated to create your own mixed audio files.
  • Engage with interactive e-learning activities, including 360 virtual tours, drag and drop and self-paced learning scenarios.
  • Access discussion forums for each course topic to discuss the course content and your own mixing technique with peers and BIMM University tutors.
  • Participate in three live webinars where Warren will answer your questions and provide solutions to any challenges you’ve faced when capturing and working with audio.
  • Apply all your knowledge to the creation of your own mix, which will form the basis of your final assessment.
  • Have a 1:1 feedback call with a BIMM University tutor to receive feedback on your final assessment. All our tutors are industry professionals who are currently working in music production.
  • Receive a BIMM University-verified certificate of completion.
  • Have completed your first step towards the BIMM University ProCert in Music Production.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for the aspiring music creator or upskilling professional, for example:

  • Upcoming singer-songwriters with experience recording vocals at home, who want to produce professional-quality tracks.
  • Aspiring music producers with a basic understanding of music production software, who wish to deepen their knowledge and skills in order to craft captivating vocal arrangements and mixes.
  • Audio engineers who are looking to specialise in vocal production.
  • Professional vocalists who understand the importance of producing high-quality vocal recordings, and who want to explore creative ways to collaborate with producers.
  • Music enthusiasts who have set up a home studio for personal projects, who are wishing to achieve a more polished and professional sound in personal recordings.


Join us as we redefine online music education through the ProCert in Music Production. Don’t miss this chance to refine your skills and unlock your full potential!

You can find out more about the ProCert and the Online Short Course in Vocal Production here.