Music Production diplomas have launched for 2019

BIMM Bristol and BIMM Birmingham are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new Music Production Diploma course.  

As the perfect choice for secondary school graduates looking to gain skills as a studio producer, this two-year diploma is equivalent to three A-levels and develops abilities in key areas such as studio techniques, software skills, songwriting methods, understanding musical styles and arrangements, ear training and music business, giving a well-rounded and valuable experience for those looking to either break into the music industry or lay solid foundations for higher education.

Whether you’re a student looking to make it as a self-sufficient original artist, or you want to gain experience and knowledge that will pave the way to a career as a music producer or engineer, our new Music Production Diploma offers you the chance to build skills, establish a network and prepare for a career in one of the UK’s fastest growing and most exciting industries.

Want to find out more? Just click the appropriate campus you’re interested in to see what you can expect.

Bristol // Birmingham

POSTED ON: February 12, 2019
  • Birmingham, Bristol, Music Production