Smashing Pumpkins Drummer Jimmy Chamberlin Visits BIMM Dublin

6 November, 2014

The atmosphere in BIMM Dublin was electric on Thursday morning when legendary Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin took time out of his busy schedule and visited the college’s campus!

Students and lecturers alike were delighted when Jimmy popped unannounced into a drum class, checked out BIMM Dublin’s new studio before giving an amazingly inspirational talk in our Coombe live room.

The surprise came about after Head of Events Ann Marie Shields, who has known Jimmy since the early 90s, arranged the visit for the students.

Regarded as one of the most influential drummers of his era, Jimmy was a founding member of the Smashing Pumpkins, the US band that became one of the world’s most successful groups in the 1990s.

He chatted to students about his background as a jazz drummer and prog rock enthusiast – and the challenges that he overcame when he first joined the Smashing Pumpkins.

Jimmy also took time to give students advice on technique, the importance of playing from the heart and his thoughts on the business side of the industry.

The students were excited to meet one of their rock heroes. Drum student Adam McCarthy said Jimmy’s visit was simply, “Immense! He’s my favourite drummer of all time!

Meanwhile fellow drum student Daniel Noonan was impressed by his unwavering enthusiasm for music, saying,

“It was brilliant the way he explained the importance of playing for the love of your instrument and playing according to what’s right for the music. He said being in a jazz quartet is like being eight years old again – playing just for the love of music.

Johnny Boyle, BIMM Dublin’s Head of Drums, was pleased that the students were able to hear from a star who could inspire them creatively and explain the reality of the music business:

“As a teenage drummer listening to Smashing Pumpkins“Gish”, and rewinding Jimmy’s fills 50 times so I could play them, I have elements of my playing that can be attributed to his style. It was great that he stressed the importance between branding and creativity and taking charge of your business.

And Songwriting Tutor Max Greenwood echoed his thoughts on Jimmy’s insight, saying,

“Jimmy focused in on the importance of finding that place in your playing where you can really express yourself emotionally.

We couldn’t believe it when he walked through the door; but then again, these things seem to happen more and more often in BIMM Dublin – after all, connecting our students with the very best is what BIMM is all about!