Peter Walsh

Creative Associate

Peter Walsh studied a BA (Hons) Degree in Commercial Modern Music – Vocals at BIMM Dublin and graduated in 2016. Since then, he has landed himself a role as Creative Associate at Downtown Music Publishing, London. 

Peter’s journey onto this career path initially took him all the way across the Atlantic for a jaunt in New York City, where he set-out to find work in the creative sector. After contacting various companies looking for opportunities, he secured an internship in the Licensing and Administration department at Downtown Music Publishing‘s Lower Manhattan office.

Eventually, Peter was taken on as an assistant, drafting paperwork for synchronisation licenses.
Then, seven months later, a job opportunity for the position of Creative Associate presented itself in the company’s London office. Sensing another change was on the horizon, Peter threw his name into the ring and was successful in securing the position.

Peter’s role as Creative Associate involves exploiting Downtown’s catalogue to get works placed in film, tv and advertisement campaigns. Daily tasks involve going to shows, presenting clients in a live context to the right people, obtaining creative metadata from artists/managers and general maintenance of the relationships between writers and the rest of the team. 

Having garnered such a wealth of experience in a relatively short space of time, Peter has some choice advice for anyone looking to follow in his footsteps;

“The music industry worldwide is a pretty small place, you never know where the person sitting beside you, or you yourself will be in a couple of years. Establish connections when you’re there, maybe you might need some advice from that person in your LPW a couple years down the line, maybe you’ll need to be the one to give it. Alongside that, the lecturers are a huge resource to draw from. They have years of anecdotal music industry experience that we can all learn and draw from, sit down with them, ask them questions, learn.”


If you’re interested in studying a course like Peter’s at BIMM Dublin and starting your journey to a career in the music industry, click here!

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