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It’s Monday, so that can only mean one thing, it’s time for Track of the Week! This week with BIMM Dublin‘s Myth and their track ‘Stacy’.

What was the inspiration behind your track?
The inspiration for Stacy involved a number of different factors.  Firstly what we were all listening to at the time, there’s elements of pop, jazz, rock and blues in that song. I think at the time we were all trying to cope with the same problems personally, and within the band itself; the song is ultimately a reaction to that process. We all had the same feeling of being burnt out trying to help different people in our lives who refuse to be helped, and that kinda gave birth to this song.

What did your songwriting process involve?
Our process usually involves one of us bringing an entire idea for a song to the table and then we all chip away at it and try to add our own style/elements on to it. Normally that would be Gavin (Guitar), Nicole (Bass) & Tiarnan (Drums) looping the same idea over and over again and adding in different riffs or patterns each time until the three of us are happy with it and feel like it’s the best it can be for now. Then we show Alex (Vocals) the entire song and she’ll input her own ideas for it and then we pretty much loop each section while she writes her lyrics and vocal line to it. Then lastly we play it and after that we all sit on the floor and try to come up with weird vocal harmonies.

What things do you do differently to other bands?
That’s a hard one to answer I guess. I suppose we’re attached at the hip really, we all light up when the four of us are all in the same room… like when a dog sees another dog?  We do almost everything together.  And I suppose live what sets us apart is we don’t really do the gimmick thing, we just go up on stage each time and play hard hitting rock. We allow ourselves to be free play with a lot of emotion and enjoy it.  We love doing what we do so trying to add something on to that would just take away from it.

Can you describe your sound in three words?
Our sound in three words?? Dark, Fat & Loud.

Have you channeled any artist in particular on this track?
I don’t know really.  When we were writing we tried to write a happyish song kind of like Jackie and Wilson by Hozier and then it turned into this.  We all come at it from different angles so it’s hard to pin point the one influence within the song. Like T, he was listening to Alabama by John Coltrane on repeat for an entire week while we were writing it so definitely the darker elements of the tune are influenced by that but not by any one artist in particular.

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?
We all agree that BIMM gives you that freedom to network and really study your instrument.  We think that the best thing about it would be the lectures for sure and the openness within the college, you can literally talk to anyone.

What’s the best bit of music advice you’ve been given?
Okay this one comes in two parts.  The best musical advice that we’ve been given was to listen to artists you don’t know so that you can broaden your musical library, and we can’t say how important that is especially when you go to write.  And don’t rely on reviews, they are important but it’s better to make up your own mind about something rather than blanking an entire album because the press said it was shit.

What’s next for you?
We’ve a couple of exciting things coming up during winter that we’re all thrilled about but the most recent thing that’s coming up is our gig in Bello Bar on the 13/10/17. We’ve been working hard for it so expect lots of new songs.

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POSTED ON: October 9, 2017
  • Dublin